Dunamis Power for the Dire Days Ahead

The Lord offers all believers the dunamis power we need for the dire days ahead just like He did when He commanded the disciples to tarry until they received power from on high in Luke 24:49. He knew what the disciples would be facing in their persecuted days ahead,  just like He knows what we will be facing as Christians in our dire days ahead. I have included the following two PDF’s that hopefully explain my experience and clear up any mis-understandings fellow Christians may have about this experience. It is meant for explanation and not for controversy. I hope that all Christians will seek for this experience if they do not have it. It does not make one a superior Christian. It only makes one more equipped to do the work the Lord has each one of us to do. God Bless!

Being Filled with the Holy Spirit PDF

Praying in the Spirit PDF

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