Proper Authority in the NT Church

It has broken my heart to read of how many good Christians have been abused by the misuse of authority in the Church. Condemnation burdens their hearts and confusion fills their minds. I have witnessed many different forms of it and even battled it in my younger years myself. I have seen it abused by pastors and leaders in a Church. I have also seen it where the pastors were humble men, but those in the congregation elevated their pastors too high to the point it became pastor worship. Many a Church has been bypassed of blessings because of the misuse of authority.

There are two rules that the Bible teaches us to keep things in perspective concerning proper authority in a Church. First, that Jesus is the only Lord of your life. Second, everything that you hear you are to test according to the Bible which is the only final Word in your life. We must always remember that those in authority are human and make mistakes. Never are we to take everything they say without testing it. Almost every pastor and teacher that I have ever heard has said things at one time or another that do not line up with the Word of God. It makes me shutter when I see fellow Christians swallow hook, line, and sinker what certain pastors or teachers preach or teach. I saw many a Christian’s faith shaken when Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart fell. If we are properly grounded, even if it is uncovered that our pastor is caught in sin, we should not be shaken at all. We should be on our knees praying fervently.

Wisdom is very important to use in dealing with misuse of authority in a Church. There are proper ways to deal with it. Matthew 10:14 is part of it. At times, one must shake the dust off of one’s feet and move on. Never is rebellion permitted. I love the story of how David dealt with Saul. It is a great lesson for us. David was at a point where he placed it completely in the Lord’s hands to take care of the final outcome. All that David could do was keep moving on and stay out of Saul’s reach.

I have included two PDF’s that help shed more light on the subject. I pray that whoever is going thru any battles in their life because of being abused by the misuse of authority in their life will find release from the condemnation and come out of it being strengthened all the more. I pray that if they do have to shake the dust off of their feet, they will find a proper place of rest where they can have their soul’s feed with healthy food and fellowship.

Covering Theology PDF

Who is Your Covering PDF


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