Food for the Spirit

            In the day and age we are living in, I find it very difficult to find good solid teaching and preaching. This good solid spiritual food that I am always searching for must consistently be sound in doctrine and challenge me to always be wanting everything the Lord has in store for me to make me everything the Lord wants me to be.

            If I walk into a bookstore, a library, a random church, or scour the internet, I find it extremely difficult to find something that challenges my soul and wants to bring me to new spiritual heights. It must have the anointing and conviction of the Holy Spirit upon it. Because we are a society that needs to take drugs and consume alcohol to make us numb, conviction becomes a nasty word.

            I will share some of the material that has challenged me the most. I hope you find it equally challenging. Because some of the material is so challenging, it will also be that there will be those that read or listen to it will walk away declaring it to be hard, legalistic, intolerant, unloving, lacking grace & mercy, judgmental etc.  There will also be those who look beyond the material and will find fault with the teacher or preacher because of their denominational ties or the accusations that have been hurled against them. I simply ask the material be judged by the truth it represents and how it can affect your life.

            First, is a message was preached at the Times Square Church New York City on September 15, 2002. In this condensed message, David Wilkerson gives out a call for all Believers to allow the anguish of God’s heart for His Church and the world into their own. Be prepared to be stirred by the Holy Spirit. Hopefully you walk away never being the same.

            Second, is a sermon preached by Paul Washer to 5000 young adults at a youth convention in Alabama in 2002. The sermon was so stirring that a website has been made for people to listen to it.

            Third, is two compilations from the teachings of Smith Wigglesworth who died in 1947. He challenges us in our faith walk like no one else’s teachings that I have come across.

Wigglesworth Ever Increasing Faith PDF

Wigglesworth Faith That Prevails PDF

            Fourth, is a writing by David Wilkerson warning of a Christless Pentecost, referring to any work that exalts the Holy Ghost or ‘gifts’ above Jesus.

A Christless Pentecost PDF

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