Last Piece of the Puzzle

            Between 2006 and early 2008, before our economic woes, there were many prophecies that came forth from godly watchmen across the church world. These prophecies were scoffed at and ignored by most Christians in the United States because everything was going well and the future still looked bright.

            Recently I have noticed the prophecies have died down. What seems to be happening is that godly men are no longer prophesying, but they are proclaiming warnings as fact in their sermons and speech. The clouds are visible and they know the storm will soon be here.

            Carter Conlon of wrote in his February 2011 Sermon Newsletter, “Beloved, it is very hard to get the resources that Christ is willing to give once the calamity hits. Don’t put this off until tomorrow. There is a terrible storm coming, and it is going to happen suddenly, so don’t get caught off guard.”

            I was in my prayer cabin on Friday afternoon February 18, 2011 and the Lord gave me a word and a vision of a puzzle, with thousands of pieces, like I used to put together when I was a kid. All of the pieces were in place except the last piece. The last piece was in the Lord’s hand. His hand was moving toward putting that last piece in place.

            We are that close, my friends!

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