Weird Manifestations

            Whenever a child of God wants all the Lord has to offer them, discernment must be exercised. The Lord speaks in a still small voice. Many mistake His voice today because of all the noise that drowns it out. Prayer, fasting, and reading the Word must be practiced. They are the key ingredients of discernment. Hebrews 5:14 says, “Those by reason of use [of the word of righteousness] have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.”

            Wherever the real thing is, there are counterfeits. Money is the perfect example. It is the same thing in the church. Wherever the real thing is, Satan will try to manifest it in his perverted way. Instead of good food, he offers the sweet candy that many cannot refuse.

            This has a devastating effect upon the church. Those that once wanted the power of the Holy Spirit become afraid because they do not want to grab a hold of the wrong thing. Those that have grabbed a hold of the wrong thing was because they did not test the spirits as commanded.

            A special marker must be used to confirm real money. The same thing goes for the Bible which must be used to confirm the real manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Our God is a God of order and the Holy Spirit is a gentleman. 1Corinthians 14:32-33 says, “The spirit of the Prophets are subject to the Prophets. For God is not the author of confusion.”

            Follow the link below to a video that will shock you. It is a real eye opener. It will cause you to weep over the  counterfeits that are out there. It is not the best quality, but the message is profound. It was delivered in English and translated into Russian.

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