Encouragement for the Dire Days Ahead

            If you have read the other posts on this site, you will notice I have referenced Pastor Dave Wilkerson quite often. I have received his pulpit series newsletter every three weeks for the past 17 years. Even though you can get them on the internet now, I still like to get it in the mail. When I walk to the mailbox and open the door and look thru the mail, my heart jumps when I see the familiar pulpit series newsletter. My heart jumps because I know there is something good in there for me to read. That it will challenge me in my walk unlike any other contemporary minister can do. He is truly God’s servant for our time. I am surrounded by many people who have had their lives changed thru the Teen Challenge ministry he started for addicts.

            My family and I try to get up to the Times Square Church in New York City as often as we can to visit. Lately it’s been more difficult because of the huge increase in train fare. This is the church that David Wilkerson started back in 1987. He then picked, thru the Lord’s direction, Carter Conlon to replace him as the Senior Pastor. My family and I love to hear Pastor Conlon’s preaching. His humble style and sincerity along with convicting messages blesses our spirits beyond compare. You can access Times Square Church at http://www.tscnyc.org and watch any of their archived sermons.

            I have included two PDF’s that were created as condensed versions of two of David Wilkerson’s pulpit series  newsletters. I have also included the links for the full version of these newsletters and the cover letters that accompany each newsletter. I hope that you find them to be as encouraging as I did in order to face the coming dire days that are ahead for us.

 A Cup of Trembling PDF

The Most Important Issue of This Hour PDF

‘A Cup of Trembling’ Cover Letter


‘A Cup of Trembling’ Newsletter


‘The Most Important Issue of This Hour’ Cover Letter http://www.worldchallenge.org/en/coverletter/the_most_important_issue_of_this_hour

‘The Most Important Issue of This Hour’ Newsletter


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