Got Praise and Worship?

            I have seen too many Christians in church whose praise and worship is supercharged and they make me look like I am on my deathbed at times. But, once they leave the church, they live a whole other life. I once was extremely bothered by this until I came across an article written back in 1987. This is not about my labeling certain music unfit for a church service. I realize that some people still like the classic hymns with the organ. I personally like lively music that moves me. There is much discussion and arguments about where the boundaries are and what is unfit. This is more about where one’s heart really is. What is most important is spiritual growth, not just how much we dance around the altar. Please read the following PDF.

Driven To Darkness PDF

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2 Responses to Got Praise and Worship?

  1. redeemedhippiesplace says:

    I was talking to someone just last night how the worship in church anymore, has been a real turn off to me. Not that it sounds bad — it doesn’t. The musicialns are good at what they do. They know how to move in the soulish realm and manipulate people to do whatever they want. I can’t take part in this anymore. It has been a few years since I have been abble to find true worship. One where others were not out to force me to raise my hands, dance or shout or go along with their so-called “angel encounters.” See, I’m not a puppet and refuse to be treated as one. and then there is the issue of people leading worship that have hidden secret sin such as adultery, pride, even gluttony, etc. God forbid such things! I have had it with churches. There is no place for the likes of me.

    • annointing says:


      Please read the 2/23/11 post entitled ‘No More Church’. I truly hope it will be a blessing to you.
      Just like you, I also thought that there was no place for me. So about five years ago the Lord had me build a 16 foot by 12 foot A-frame cabin smack dab in the middle of my woods on my farm. Or at least I thought it was going to be just a regular cabin. But, soon after it was completed, I found out it was my prayer closet. It was big enough that I could dance around and sing to the Lord in it. Believe me, my singing is horrible. I am not allowed to sing even in the shower in my own house because my voice is so bad.
      Thru this prayer cabin, I found a complete release. It was my healing process. The Lord put me back in a Congregation. My face now is like flint when I face people. I am the giver, and nothing they say or do affects me. I accept that we live in a fallen world, and many of the fallen are in the church. I am there to help pick them up.
      I wasn’t even aware I needed a healing process until the Lord had me build my prayer cabin. You may also need a healing. My healing process made me realize that I was ultimately responsible for my spiritual growth. Now the Lord is able to use me to help others to spiritually grow. If I find out one of my Pastor’s is heavy into sin, I will not be taken back by it. Instead, I will be on the front line praying that the Lord does what is necessary and that unity will preside.


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