Got Itchy Ears?

       Next week at this time I will be in Nicaragua on a mission’s trip. I love to go on these trips because they wake me up to reality of what is lacking in so many churches in the United States. Not that these churches I visit in third world countries are perfect, but they have not been glossed over with the American mindset. These people do not have itchy ears like you will find here. They have to deal with the hard core realities of a tough life. They would laugh any of  the ‘feel good’ preachers off of their pulpits. But, then again, these ‘prosperity’ ministers would never go to the places I go to because they know they would never be able to deceive any money from these people to line their pockets with.

            I have been asked numerous times of the reason why I go outside our country when there are so many needs here. One of the main reasons is that these countries do not have the safety nets like we do in this country. People are left on the streets to die. The people do not have any hope for a better life because there are no opportunities like we have in this country. Their hearts are much more open to the true Gospel.

            My last mission’s trip was to Venezuela. Venezuela is supposedly under a communist regime and the United States is a free country. But in Venezuela, you are permitted into the schools to preach the Gospel. Try to get into a public school in this country to preach the Gospel. We have perverted our freedoms in this country so much, we are slowly losing them. Freedom of Religion has become so twisted that the forefathers of this nation would be appalled. God help us!

            In history, the church has had its greatest growth under times of persecution. This nation has always been a refuge for the world’s persecuted. That role is slowly changing. One day very soon we will find that this nation has reversed roles and has become the persecutor. When that does happen, Lord help us to see a time of unprecedented spiritual growth in this nation. But, what we need now, for a church that is dull and slow of heart, is a time of uncompromised preaching.

The American Church Dull and Slow of Heart PDF

Uncompromised Preaching PDF

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