Defining Moment

            Because I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior after I became an adult, I was able to record the exact time and date of my salvation experience. This was the most important decision of my life because it determined where I would spend eternity. But, I believe each one of us who has accepted Jesus into their heart, also has a defining moment of when each of us discovers who we really are in Jesus Christ. I believe Peter’s defining moment was when he heard the cock crow the second time. This was when he learned that his tenacity was not the answer. I believe Paul’s defining moment was when he asked, “What wilt thou have me to do, Lord?”

            For the Old Testament Saint’s, I believe Abraham’s defining moment was when he raised the knife to kill his son. I believe David’s defining moment was when he heard the rants of Goliath. Daniel’s was when he opened the shutters to pray. Joseph’s was when he was grabbed by Potiphar’s wife. For the three Hebrew boys it was when they refused to bow to the golden statue.

            My defining moment was when I first stood by my dead son in the Emergency Room. I had a choice. If someone would of presented the scenario a day or two before, I honestly would not be able to say for sure what I would do. But, when reality hit me, I could have been angry at the Lord for taking my son from me. Thank the Lord I did not react that way. Instead, I immediately raised my arms and thanked the Lord for the years He allowed me to have my son. Now my son is back with his creator and his true Father. I praised the Lord with tears flowing like a river. Great strength immediately surged thru my body and spirit. It defined who I am to this very day.

            How about you? What was your defining moment in your life when you discovered who you really are in Jesus Christ? Or have you never really had a defining moment in your life? Peter never thought he would deny the Lord.

            Now is the time to prepare for when your defining moment comes. Because once it comes, it can be too late! The situation you will be put in will demand an immediate reaction. Will your reaction bring glory to the Lord?

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