Raging Seas & Waiting Infernos

            When we proclaim our dedication to Jesus, we are inviting the world to watch us. Some will try and point out every short-coming we have. But most will sit back and watch how we handle adversity when it strikes. Even the world knows that it is easy to be positive when things are going good.

            But what happens when the sea begins to rage and it is relentless? In Acts 27, all eyes on board the ship were on Paul. Paul, in the midst of the storm held onto his faith.

            What happens when the furnace is heated 7 times normal? In Daniel 3, all eyes were on the 3 young Hebrew men. The three young men ended up dancing in the midst of the fire.

            Two modern day teachers of the Word of God sum things up very well about attitude and discouragement. I hope you enjoy their insight and make copies of the PDF’s to hang in your home and office.

Attitude PDF

What Determines a Man PDF


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