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Falling Short in the Call

There are times when the Lord calls a Christian to a specific purpose, but it never comes to fruition. Why is that? Let’s first look at a few Bible verses. John 21:19 & 22 is where Jesus tells Peter not … Continue reading

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My Dog’s Better Than Yours!

A popular 1960’s advertising jingle for Ken-L Ration dog food went like this: My dog’s faster than your dog, My dog’s bigger than yours. My dog’s better ’cause he gets Ken-L Ration, My dog’s better than yours. It is a … Continue reading

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Let the Church be the Church!

On this site you will find a post from 2/9/11 entitled ‘Proper Authority in the NT Church’ where I deal mainly with the misuse of power in the Church. But in order to put things into proper perspective I must … Continue reading

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