Pray Without Ceasing

In the middle of 1Thessalonians chapter 5 there is a group of exhortations that are given to us to live by. In it you will find verse 17 that instructs us to pray without ceasing. But, in everyday life, how can we really pray without ceasing as we are instructed?

Prayer is simply communicating with our Lord. We need to always be in a state where we are at the ready to talk and listen to our Creator. God is always at the ready to communicate with us. If there are any lost connections or interferences on the line, it is at our end, not His.

For each Christian, what causes a bad connection is different. Some battle with alcohol. Some battle with pornography. Some battle with lust. Some battle with jealousy. Some have forgiveness issues. Some battle with anger. Etc.

Whatever the case may be, it takes away from our hunger to be close to God. I have found that it takes a clear conscience to be constantly in tune with God. It is God’s desire that we do away with any and all interferences. He wants a clear line of communication open with us at all times. Is your communication line with God a clear one? Are you always in tune with His ‘Still Small Voice’?

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