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The Cave and The Jug

Why do we as Christians sometimes make such a mess of things in our lives and in the lives of those around us? I believe the answer lies in studying David when he was known as “A man after God’s … Continue reading

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Five Stones of David

Even though David had previously slain a lion and a bear protecting the sheep that were placed in his care, David didn’t trust in his own talents and gifts alone. He placed his trust in God. He believed that God … Continue reading

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Post Election Depression

Many devout American Christians were in shock and awe from waking up the morning after election day to find out that the presidential election did not turn out how they had hoped. Even though I also had hoped for a … Continue reading

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Count the Cost

I live in New Jersey, and we just came thru the superstorm ‘Sandy’. We were warned well before the storm so we could be prepared. I had more than enough time to get and do everything I needed so that … Continue reading

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Fellowship Blindness

There seems to be a trend within American Christianity that has me very much concerned. Many Christians have been bitten by the Internet/Facebook bug. They seem to think they can get their Christian fellowship by socializing on the computer or … Continue reading

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