Abortion Truths

The Bible does not contain God’s word. It is God’s Word. From the Bible it is absolutely clear that what we label ‘abortion’ is downright cold blooded murder. It is even worse than putting a gun up to an innocent person’s head and blowing their brains out. The reason it is worse is at least the innocent person can plead for their life before the trigger is pulled. An innocent child in the womb cannot.

The reason I speak so bluntly is because our country, the USA, does not allow the truth and graphic pictures of murdered babies to be advertised. The word ‘murder’ is nowhere to be found. Abortion is called a procedure. Planned Parenthood is the nice clinic where so many of these procedures take place. The unwanted growth can be removed from the body like an unwanted wart or cyst by the nice compassionate professionals who work there. The pamphlets you pick up from there are so helpful and tastefully done and can be passed on to others who may need assistance. Remember, it is your body and your right. There can’t be anything wrong with it because even your government (land of the free and home of the brave) says it is your right.

The only problem is that your government will not be your final judge. The God who created you and died for you will be. You will stand before the judgment seat of Jesus Christ as surely as you are breathing right now. There is still hope for you. If you have had an abortion, Jesus Christ is ready to forgive you completely and free you. But it must be before you take your last breathe. Please see the Page at the top of this site entitled ‘Are You Hurting?’.

Below is the photograph of what a baby at 12 weeks looks like, which is only about 1/3 of the way through a pregnancy:


If you are at a crossroads and you want to really see what the Bible says about ‘life after conception’ look over the following PDF:

Abortion PDF

Remember you are loved and no sin is too great for Jesus Christ to forgive!

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