Biblical Art

During my years of traveling for one of the companies I worked for in my career, I had been fortunate enough to be able to visit most of the top art museums in the world. I learned a real appreciation for paintings by the masters. My home is filled with original paintings that grabbed me when I first laid eyes on them. These are not what you call very expensive paintings, but most of them require a week or two of average pay to purchase them. All of them are nature settings to match the fact that my wife and I live on a small farm.

Because studying the Bible is my true passion, I am also drawn to biblical art. I have searched the internet for biblical paintings that drew me to them when I first laid eyes on them. I have compiled close to a hundred of them that I enjoy to look at. I have now added them to a page at the top of my site entitled ‘Biblical Art’. If you think biblical art is taboo, I ask that you first read my ‘Introduction To My Biblical Art Page’ which is a PDF biblical study on the subject to examine what the bible itself really says about the subject. You will find this PDF document at the top of my ‘Biblical Art’ page.

Please enjoy the paintings as you scroll thru the gallery I have created and pretend you are in one of the top art museums in the world.


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2 Responses to Biblical Art

  1. Stephanie Kerr says:

    I cannot see the art! Help. The painting of Jesus and two others walking in the woods at the top of your page is so beautiful. I wish I could see it better and also your other selections.
    Stephanie Kerr

    • annointing says:

      It has to be your Browser. Please ask someone else to try on their device. But here is the link, between the brackets, to the beautiful painting On the Road to Emmaus

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