Five Things to Come Shortly

Most of what I write on this website concerns clarification of Scripture. I love to teach on Biblical subjects. Very seldom do I venture from that calling from which the Holy Spirit impresses upon me. But lately I have felt an urgency to share what I am going to share here.

I am not a prophet, nor do I claim to be, even though what I am about to write can be considered prophetic in nature. I want to highlight the fact that the Lord speaks in a still small voice and I am just listening intently.

I would rather like to consider what I am about to share more as an observation of things to come. The internet is already filled with thousands and thousands of so called prophetic words and more pour out as each day goes by. When you put them up against 1 Thessalonians 5:19-21, they do not stand the test. Not only that, but so many are in direct contradiction to each other.

I see five things coming very shortly to the USA and I believe they will all happen within a very short time of each other, but not necessarily in the order written. Each one will affect us dramatically:

1. Homosexuality will come under civil rights status. The Bible will then be considered a hate book and true Christians will be considered a people of hate. Active Christians will be deemed a threat to society. It will be Satan’s main thrust to try and stifle Christianity and prepare the Antichrist to move into position.

2. A disaster of epic proportion, whether it is natural or an act of terror, will descend on the New York City and surrounding metropolitan areas. 9/11 2001 will be dwarfed in comparison to it. It will trigger widespread fear and chaos.

3. A financial collapse, much more devastating than the one in 2008 will occur. Becoming a cashless society will then play a big role with its end result being not able to buy or sell if you are deemed a threat to the good of society. It will only take a simple keystroke from a government computer to cut you and your family off. Food shortages will be the result of not only financial woes, but of climatic changes.

4. Civil unrest will need to be controlled by martial law, dividing our nation into military sectors rather than states. Our country will abandon the Constitution more and more as we drift to an all powerfull central government bent on socialism and controlling the masses. The Department of Homeland Security will take away our Bill of Rights for the so called ‘good of society’ as a whole. Our own military will be used against us. FEMA camps surrounded by concertina wire will be full of those who resist. Armored vehicles with automatic weapons will be stationed at every key intersection in the country, putting a halt to any unauthorized civilian movement.

5. A spiritual awakening will take place. It will not be confined within the walls of the churches, but will spread out all over. This will be the Holy Spirit’s answer to what is happening to our society. Miracles and healings by the blood and name of Jesus Christ will play an important role. The government at first will not be able to stop it, but eventually, through force, they will clamp down hard.

Dangerous and chaotic times are certainly coming. The United States, because of its history of being a God given light in an otherwise dark world, must be greatly weakened as the world is prepared for the rise of the Antichrist.

The questions really are, “Are you preparing yourself now spiritually for the dire days ahead? Have you put Jesus first above even your loved ones? Are you ready to be stripped of every possession and comfort on this earth? Are you ready to die as a martyr?

Stockpiling supplies and precious metals are not the answer. Many websites are set up for survivalists. But true Christians are not called to be survivalists. We are called to be conquerors with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Where do you stand?

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