Heaven Is For Real Deception

A few years ago I was a given the book ‘Heaven Is For Real’ to read. I did not give the book much thought at the time because the characters in the book were very likable, especially little Colton who is the main character. The Holy Spirit at the time had me more concerned  about writing about the deceptions of another book where someone was supposedly taken to Heaven and allowed to write about it and make audacious claims called ‘Heaven Is So Real’.

Notice how both books are very similar in title. Heaven is the theme. But only Jesus has His a glorified body now. All the dead in Christ are with Him in Paradise without their glorified bodies as of yet. Little Colton explains his grandfather as one already in Heaven with his glorified body already. This in itself started raising the deep concerns about deception.

The time now has come where the conviction of the Holy Spirit has come upon me to reveal the deceptions of this book also. Especially now that it has been made into a very appealing movie. Many Christians will say, “It is a nice wholesome book and movie, why would any Christian want to pick on it in a time where there is so much negativity and evil in the world?”

When we examine Jesus’ ministry while He walked this earth, He was the most harsh when truth was taken and abused. We can read a book or go to a movie that is made simply to entertain us, as long as it is clean, with not much problem. But when a book or movie is presented to us as truth and it does not line up with Scripture, then we are to treat it as an enemy of the Gospel. Let’s not forget that Jesus drove the moneychangers out of the Temple using physical means twice during His earthly ministry. Today we have a book and a movie that generate much profit for the modern day moneychangers.

When I finished my outline to point out the deceptions of this book and movie, I searched Google to see if any other Christians websites took the same stand as what I was taking. To my amazement, I came across an article that followed almost the same exact outline as I had put together. Since their communication skills were much better than mine, I created a PDF and attached it below. Please read it and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart. Remember that there are so many New Testament Scriptures that warn us of the unprecedented deception that would be prevalent in the end times. These deceptions may seem to be so very legitimate and real, but in reality they are nothing more than an elaborate lie from the enemy to distract us from the true Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Heaven Is For Real Deception.PDF

I will leave you with one final comment and Scripture. Too many Christians today want to walk by sight and not by faith alone. 2 Corinthians 5:7 warns us, “For we walk by faith, not by sight.”


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