Secrets To Revival

A Christian revival, or revivalism is a specific period of increased spiritual interest or renewal in the life of a church congregation or many churches, either regionally or globally. Those in the surrounding communities are greatly impacted and drawn in.

In reality, there are no secrets for revival. But what you will see is that there are key ingredients. As I study great Christian Revivals of the past, there seems to be three key ingredients that show up over and over again. The first ingrediant is a person, or persons, who have an extraordinary intimacy with the Lord and have a burden through what they see taking place around them, namely the sad state of the Church of Jesus Christ. Second, before revival outside the Church takes place, those already within the Church are convicted to begin praying. This leads them to clean out the junk in their lives and lead lives of holiness. Third, an unexplained conviction of sin takes place outside the walls of the Church in the surrounding villages and businesses. This conviction of the Holy Spirit usually takes place without human intervention and at the most peculiar times on the clock. At this point, the Lord has already raised up a man, or men of God to lead the people to a more intimate knowledge and relationship with the Lord.

Read the following condensed account of the Hebrides Revival that took place only 65 years ago:

Hebrides Revival Background.PDF

Afterwards, please read the full account of the Hebrides Revival as documented from first hand experience of Duncan Campbell himself. I beg of you to please read through all 8 pages. This single PDF document has transformed my perspective on what true revival is more than any other document I have ever come across:

Hebrides Revival Account.PDF

What I learned from this vital full account is the following:
1. No human is to ever take credit for a move of God.
2. The only real part that any human had was using the greatest tool God has given us, which is prayer to change things. Intimacy and obedience led to the proper use of this great tool.
3. We are never too old or crippled where God will not hear and answer our prayers.
4. We are never too old or crippled where God will not speak back to us with wisdom and knowledge.
5. The greatest miracle, which nothing else compares, is the miracle of salvation. It is estimated that 75% were ‘born again’ before they came near a Church.
6. No healings or tongues were documented during this great revival.
7. Instead, dreams and visions were common place which then resulted in the countless miracles of salvation.
8. Those who’s doctrines disagreed with what was happening and being preached tried to oppose it. Prayer, instead of man’s intervention, was the way they overcame it.
9. True Revival is the result what happens when God Himself steps down, the forces of darkness step aside, and a godly fear and conviction of sin grips the people.
10. The aftermath of true revival is that people are deep down changed, rather than a temporary and superficial experience.
11. Never confuse man’s efforts of evangelism, crusades, and programs with true revival, which is wholly God’s efforts.
12. When God is at the helm, conviction of sin emanates and becomes unbearable to those who need to be saved. Holiness begins to dominate in those who are already saved.

There are many questions that go through my mind about the days ahead. One of them is: Will there be one more great revival before the Rapture takes place? As I look around me and see the moral decay in America, my heart is grieved. The statistics show a frightening decline in Church attendance across this land that goes hand-in-hand with the sin that is abounding. There is a drought of the knowledge of the true and living God along with His Word the Bible. There is no fear as people shun any existence of a God they have to answer to.

Will you join me in prayer and a life of intimacy and holiness with the Lord? Perhaps He will send one more great revival before the appearance of the Antichrist.

May Holy Spirit conviction descend upon this land!

“When God stepped down, suddenly, men and women all over the parish were gripped by the fear of God.” (Duncan Campbell recapping the start of the Hebrides Revival)


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