Heavenly Hugs


Greet all the followers of Jesus there with a holy embrace. And make sure this letter gets read to all the brothers and sisters. Don’t leave anyone out. (1 Thessalonians 5:26-27 MSG)

Have you ever felt as low as dirt and just prayed, “Lord, I need a hug from You, and I need it really bad!” That is the way I felt the morning of Saturday August 8th, 2015. I was facing having to go through the personal possessions of my Dad, who had just passed away on July 19, along with the anniversary of the passing of my 23 year old son, who suddenly slumped to his death at work with no apparent reason 10 years ago.

I sat on the side of my bed dejected, trying to muster up enough strength to get through the day. Literally, within 5 minutes of praying that, while still sitting there, I had two highly unusual messages that were extremely uplifting and were absolutely from the throne of God. They were from two acquaintances who were open and obedient to the Holy Spirit. It was as if Jesus stood right in front of me and gave me two huge bear hugs. To top it off, my mother and father-in-law felt led to unexpectedly come over at the end of that day and both gave me a physical hug, which is highly out of the ordinary of our usual greetings. Sorry, no coincidences here for any sceptics out there.

My point comes down to this: We are the Lord’s hands, feet and mouth. We are the main proponent of ‘Heavenly Hugs’ from the Lord. When we are in tune with the Holy Spirit, we can definitely make an impact on the world around us by administering those ‘Heavenly Hugs’. I especially learned that when I was an altar worker for many years. The church had a ministry that would bring street people to the services. Because they were the down-and-outs of society and most were not able to practice personal hygiene, no one wanted to have these people too close to them. But they desparately needed a hug from God as assurance. I learned that it was vitally important to hug or make some kind of appropriate physical contact with these dear people. Yes, prayer and feeding them was important. But hugging them brought so many of them to downright weeping and tears.

Let’s make it a point to seek the Holy Spirit continually and see who we can give a ‘Heavenly Hug’ to everyday by either word, or deed, or simple embrace!

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