Stirred or Fluffed Christianity?


Let me start off by asking, “Would you rather be a soufflé or a hearty stew?”
After being cooked, a soufflé is puffed up and fluffy, and it will generally fall after 5 or 10 minutes. Soufflés are frequently depicted in cartoons, comedies and children’s programs as a source of humor. Often this involves a loud noise or poke causing the soufflé to collapse, evoking the dejection of the character being served the anticipated dessert.

The definition of hearty is something that is strong, vigorous, substantial, abundant, nourishing. A delicious stew full of vegetables and meat is an example of a hearty stew

You must stir a stew while it is cooking for it to come out right. But you dare not stir a soufflé when it is being baked, because if you do, the end result will be disastrous.

Now for the real question, “Which would you rather be, stirred or fluffed up?”

Please listen to the following minute long MP3 excerpt that references the following Scripture Numbers 13:30-32 when the 12 spies returned from searching out the Promised Land:

Being Stirred.MP3

Are you consuming spiritual food of a hearty stew that has been stirred to produce a sustaining meal that will stick to your ribs and give you the energy you need in the days of adversity ahead or are you enjoying a puffed up soufflé that may taste great going down but has no power to keep you from fainting when you will need it most?

My whole point in this article comes down to whose ministries are you listening to? Are you listening to good sound Bible teachings that stir and convict your soul or are you listening to those that hype and fluff you up? Is the bottom line JESUS CHRIST or is the bottom line YOU. I keep tabs on all of the Ministries out there that have multitudes following them. I especially weep for one whose entire Ministry is based upon selling what YOU can receive or be. The reason his Ministry has become so huge is because people love to have their ear’s itched.

For thirty years I have been getting a sermon message every 3 weeks in the mail from a certain ministry. Whenever I go to the mailbox and see that it’s in the mail my heart leaps. I can’t wait to sit down and read it because I know that it will stir me and convict me in belief. Oh Christian, this is the way that it must be whenever we listen to those that preach to us. If not, as the sermon excerpt says, “We must get out and stop listening!”

I don’t know about you, but I want to be stirred. I want to be convicted. I want something that drives me to weeping, seeking, repenting, and trying to become the utmost for His highest where I leave the ME behind.

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