Here we are in the midst of the quarantine and social distancing because of the Coronavirus. Not only has the virus hit many people physically very hard throughout the world, but the social isolation that goes along with it has also hit many people very hard mentally as well.

I have a prayer cabin in the woods of the small farm I live on. During my prayer time this afternoon, as I was paging through the Bible that permanently resides in it, I found a small printout of a devotion from 2009 that I totally forgot about for 11 years. As I read it, it spoke volumes to me especially during this most trying time where everything we once thought stable is being shaken.

It made me realize that success in God’s eyes can be totally different than success we want to see in our eyes. May you be blessed by this devotion during these hard times the same way I was blessed by it. Here it is:

by David Wilkerson
August 21, 2009

Success in God’s eyes is being totally fulfilled in ministering to him. Such servants aren’t striving to “make it” or seeking earthly security. They only want to know their Lord and to minister to him.

Think about the 100 prophets hidden by Obadiah (1 Kings 18:4). They lived an isolated existence in caves for at least three to four years, during a severe famine. These men had no outside ministry. They were completely out of the public’s view, forgotten by most people. They couldn’t even share in Elijah’s victory on Mount Carmel. No doubt, the world would call them failures, insignificant men who hadn’t accomplished anything.

Yet God had given these devoted servants the precious gift of time. They had days, weeks, even years to pray, study, grow and minister to the Lord. You see, God was preparing them for the day when he would release them to minister to his people. Indeed, these same men would shepherd those who returned to God under Elijah’s ministry.

Years ago, the Lord blessed me with this gift of time. Before I ever pastored a church, I went into the woods and preached to the birds and trees. I had no plans, no agenda, no dreams. I only wanted to get to know God’s heart. So I prayed daily, seeking the Lord and ministering to him. And I marked my Bible from cover to cover. I was hidden, not seen by anyone. But God knew my address all along.

My advice is, “Quit looking for ministry. Spend your time seeking God instead. He knows where to find you. He’ll summon you when he sees you are ready. Forget what others are doing. Strive to be a success at God’s throne. If you’re ministering to the Lord and praying for others, you are already a success in his eyes!”


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