At The Precipice

We have all heard the alarms throughout our lifetimes of how important certain things are. We have even heard of how we have been at the precipice many times throughout our lives. But studying Biblical prophecy and looking at the world around us, never have we been where we are today. Just think, the land of Israel became a nation again in 1948. They regained control of Jerusalem in 1967. Jesus made it clear, the generation that witnessed this, will not pass away without His Second Coming. We are at the very door for the Rapture to take place and for the Tribulation to begin. The alignment of nations is already being cemented for Ezekiel 38 and 39 to be fulfilled. The time is short. We as Christians are praying for one more Great Awakening to take place in America before that takes place. That is why the coming election on November 3rd, 2020 is the most important in the history of America.

This is not a political website. It is a website that the Lord has ordained to be in defense of the Word of God, the Bible. I never thought I would see the day that the onslaught to destroy everything godly in this nation would occur, but it has. That is why I must state what I do in this article.

On November 3rd, I am not voting for a man. I am voting for the principles for which this country has stood since its founding. I am voting for Constitutional government. I am voting for a strong and viable military. I am voting for a vibrant economy. I am voting for the right to keep and bear arms. I am voting for the freedom to worship. I am voting for a national recognition of the founding of our nation on Biblical principles. I am voting for the ability for anyone to rise above their circumstances and become successful. I am voting for my children and grandchildren to be able to choose their own path in life, including how and where their children are educated. I am voting for our borders to be open to everyone who enters under our law and closed to everyone who would circumvent or ignore the law. I am voting for the Electoral College to remain in place, so that a few heavily populated liberal centers do not control the elections. I am voting for a Supreme Court that interprets the Constitution rather than rewrites it. I am voting to teach history, with all its warts, not erase it or revise it. I am voting for the sanctity of life from conception to birth and after. I hope you will do the same.

I have gleaned the internet, and I believe the following two videos are the best and most level headed out there. The first video is on why this coming election is so important. The second video describes exactly where we are on the prophetic timeline.

Since I posted this article yesterday, readers sent me this video that I must add because it points out the dire situation the USA is in. Tom Klingenstein explains that what is at stake in the 2020 presidential election is two radically different ways of life that cannot exist together.

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