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There may be subjects you have never heard of such as the theological term ‘Hypostatic Union’ (Jesus was always 100% God while also having become 100% man–>2 natures in 1 person). Just imagine how you would of felt there in the boat with Jesus when Mark 4:41 tells us: “The disciples were absolutely terrified. “Who is this man?” they asked each other. “Even the wind and waves obey him!” Think about it, the disciples just woke up the human nature of Jesus who was tired and sleeping at the back of the boat. The devine nature of Jesus then rises and commands the wind and waves to be still! Wow, within seconds, the disciples switch from being terrified they were going to die in the storm to being terrified in amazement at what just happened. What an emotional rollercoaster it must have been, adding on top of that the sting of being rebuked for their lack of faith.

Praise God for access to information that we are blessed with today that helps us gain better insight into His Word and His Church! For example, it allows me to to place myself into the boat in the story above to imagine what it must have been like.

But, this can also bring chaos because it allows the infiltration of false doctrines and information. Because of this chaos that seems to pervade, especially our western Christianity, I have put together many resources in PDF format that I have gleaned over many years of my searches for the truths to many church questions:

Introduction to Church Questions

Altar Calls

Angels and Singing

Anointing Oil

Apostolic Reformation

Assemblies of God

Attending Two or More Churches

Baptism Importance

Bethel Church and Bill Johnson

Biblical Interpretation Rules

Binding and Loosing

Blasphemy of The Holy Spirit

Cheap Grace

Christianity Hated in the World

Church Attendance

Church Membership Covenant

Church of Christ Attendance

Church Purpose

Church Structure

Circle Maker Heresy


Contemplative Centering Soaking Prayer

Corporate Worship Importance

Creeds Apostles and Nicene

Dangers of YES Men

Destiny of Babies and Children Who Die


Divorce in the Church

Divorce and Remarriage


Eph 2 Verse 8 What is the Gift

Eschatology End Times Timeline

Exegesis and Eisegesis Bible Study

Faith Comes From Where?

False Teacher Verses

Five Fold Ministry

Gay Wedding Attendance

Go and Sin No More

Grave Soaking

Greater Works We Will Do?

Habitual vs Non-Habitual Sin

Heaven and The New Jerusalem

Hell Not Preached Anymore

Heresy and Divisiveness

Holy Laughter

Homiletics and Preaching

Hypostatic Union

IHOP International House of Prayer

Is Church Attendance Important

Jesus Christ Came in the Flesh

Jesus Culture

Joining a Church Considerations

Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen

Kingdom Now Theology

Kingdom of God


Lakeland Revival

Later Rain Movement

Leadership Crisis in Churches


Marks of a Spiritual Leader

Missing Church Service

Musical Instruments in Worship

Nashville Statement

Obeying Pastors

Office of Pastor

Office of Senior Pastor


Over Talking and Over Righteousness

Pastor Restoration

Pastoral Authority

Pastors Are Te Be Above Reproach

Pentecostal Churches and Beliefs

Personal Prophecy

Peter the First Pope

Praying in the Holy Spirit

Preaching vs Rhetoric

Prophecy and Personal Prophecy

Prophetic Worship

Python Spirit


Replacement Theology


Sabbath Day vs Saturday vs Sunday

Secondhand Sermons

Seeker Friendly Churches

Seminary Training

Slain In The Spirit

Slain in the Spirit Invalidity

The Word ‘Pastor’

Tithing and Contributions

Tolerance of Other Beliefs

Toronto Blessing

Toxic Message of Bill Johnson and Bethel Church

Tribulation Period

Turning the Other Cheek

Using The Word ‘Pastor’

Volunteer Expectations

What Is The Rock

Which Is The True Church

Women Teachers Pastors Preachers

Women Preachers Counterpoint

Women Working Outside the Home

Word of Faith Movement

501c3 Tax Exempt Facts

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    It is well…. thanks for the posting of Smith W. Sermons.

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