Index of Posts

Abiding Brings Discernment

Abnormally Normal Christianity

Abortion Truths

Abusive Pastors

All That I Need

Anointed Songs

Another Gospel

Anti-Depressants and Christians

Arguments of Politics & Theology

Art of Persecution Avoidance

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Sin


Bad Things Happen

Bad Will Be Good and Good Will Be Bad

Balaams In The End Times


Bible Absorption

Bible Bible Which One?

Bible Handling

Bible Reading Schedule

Bibles By The Millions

Biblical Art

Biblical Interpretation

Bittersweet Christian Life

Bless America Financially?

Blessed, Not Lucky

Book by Jake Colsen Errancy

Book ‘Heaven Is For Real’ Deception

Book ‘Heaven Is So Real’ Deception

Book ‘Love Wins’ False Teaching

Book ‘Pagan Christianity’ Review

Book ‘Under Cover’ Errancy

Book of Life

Boot Camp and the Bible

Break Every Chain

Busy Minds That Never Rest


Calls and Needs

Call To Anguish

Capital Punishment and Christians

Carrying Other’s Burdens

Casual Christianity

Cave And The Jug

Chameleon Christians

Chocolate Bar Salvation

Christian Book Dangers

Christian Book Deception

Christian Heritage of America

Christianity Half-Baked

Christians Being Steamrollers

Church and Finances

Church Authority

Church Be The Church

Church Membership and Why I Belong

Church No More?

Churches That Abuse

Church’s Simple Purpose

Civil Disobedience

Clothe Yourself With Jesus

Clout With God


Comfortable Prison Cell


Conformity’s Ills


Continuous Improvement Process

Counsel of God


Count The Cost


Cry For Justice

Cumbered About


David’s Five Stones

Defining Moment

Delusion of Being Owed

Demonstration of Power

Despise Not Prophecy

Details Details

Devotional Smith Wigglesworth

Dire-Days-Ahead & The Last Revival

Dire-Days-Ahead Dunamis Power

Dire-Days-Ahead Encouragement


Discernment or Desire

Discord Sowers


Does Jesus Really Know You?

Dominionism Is Not The Way


Duck Christians

Effeminate & Homosexuals

Election Depression

Elijah For Today

Essentials of a Church Service


Evil Is At The Gate

Exclusivity of the Gospel

Experiences vs Relationship

Falling Short In The Call

False Guilt

Famine In The Land

Fat Cows of Bashan

Favor With God

Fear Of God Lost

Fear Removed

Fears Failures and Frustrations

Fellowship Blindness

Ferguson and Truth

Fill ‘er Up

Finish Line

Five Things To Come Shortly

For His and Our Pleasure

Foxes Have Holes

Fruits and Anguish

Godly Jam

Gospel’s Simple Message

Grace and Truth

Grace and a Contrite Heart

Grace Grace Grace

Groaning For Heaven


Habsburger Ritual

Hatred For Christianity

Hay Bales Burning

Healing Approach

Healing – When It Does Not Come

Heavenly Hugs

Hell No More!

Heresy vs Freedom To Believe

Hidden For a Purpose

Higher Expectations


Hold Fast


I Cannot Come Down


If I Were The Devil

I Follow Jesus

Immutability Means Unchangeability


Islam Obama and Lies

Itchy Ears

James 5:14-15 Proper Rendering

Jonah Spirit

Joy In Fellowship

Judas In Our Midst

Judging Judgment Unrighteously


Judgment Begins At The House Of God

Judgment of Nations

Judgments and Crowns

King’s Kids or Spoiled Brats?

Knowledge That Matters Most

Knowing God or Only Knowing About Him

Last Bricks

Law to Grace to Wrath

Let God Be True

Let Us Be Going

Living By The Sword

Lopsided God

Manasseh and Repentance

Man’s Real Best Friend

Mary and Judas

Masturbation, A Taboo Subject

May 21 2011 Deception

Mealymouthed Christianity

Mice And Men

Mine Mine Mine Syndrome

Miracle versus Answered Prayer

Mirror Of God



Moon Turned Into Blood

Music Dilemma

My Dog Is Better Than Yours

Nebuchadnezzar Becomes Second

Nehemiahs In Our Day

No Frills Christianity

No More Death?

Nothing Sacred

Not In The Room

Obstacles to a Christian’s Progress


Oh How He Loves Us

Only So Much

Operating in Light and Love

Ostrich Christians

Our Small Part


Partaking Of God’s Glory

Partying and Christians

Peace and Safety

Pendulum Swings

Pleasing God

Point of No Return

Power in the Name and Blood of Jesus

Praise and Worship

Pray Without Ceasing

Precious Are God’s Thoughts About You

Presence of God Above All Else

Prisoners of Appetite

Prophetic Message to Heed

Psalm 91 Understanding

Pulpit Example & Teaching

Pursue Love

Puzzle’s Last Piece

Raging Seas & Waiting Infernos


Ravens In Your Life

Real Reason

Real You

Reap the Whirlwind

Rebellious Generation

Rebuking 101

Relationship Before Anointing

Rend Your Heart

Rent-In-Two to Knocking

Repent Repent Repent

RESETTING Your Christianity


Revenge Addiction

Revival Ingredients

Romans 2:13 & False Gospels

Romans 8:28 Proper Understanding

Rotten Fruit


Saving with Fear or Compassion

Scripture Before Anointing

Second To Jesus

Secret Man

Shaken Christianity

Shakin’ Goin’ On

Shelved Christians

Sickness and Evil Spirits

Sickness and Sin

Signs of a True Revival

Silver Cord

Sinning Christians

Sin No More

Spark of Life

Spirit Food

Spiritually Healthy and Challenging

Step Forward

Stirred or Fluffed Christianity?

Strange Fire

Suicide and Christians

Suicide To End Suffering

Sustainability In Your Faith

Sweet Aroma

Sword and the Heart of God

Take Heed


Tattoos and Piercings

TB Joshua and SCOAN Deception

Teachers Of The Word

Temple of the Holy Spirit Lifestyle

Test All Things

Testimony Importance

Therapeutic Gospel

Thorns and Thrones

Time Changes Things

Time Uncertain

Time We Live In


Tormented By Wickedness

Tossed About

Tower of Babel


Tragedies and God

Treasures in Jesus Christ


Trumpet or Outpouring?

Truth and Billy Graham

Truth Be Gone!

Tweak Your Tuner

Twisted Love of Frank Schaefer

Ultimate Examination

Uncle Sam and Technology

Use Your Voice

Vexed Overload

Victorious Christian Life

Victory Over Obstacles

Walking In The Spirit

Wanting The Giver More Than The Giving

Warnings and Boundaries

Weird Manifestations

Well Done!

What About Alcohol?


Whitewashed Tombs

Whole Counsel

Who Really Is Your Master?

Wild Man

Willing to Fight a Losing Battle

Wish Or Want?

Wrath of God

Wrongs Righted


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