There are countless sermons that have been preached since Jesus Christ walked this earth. Some are about salvation. Some are on holiness. Some are on being a great witness. Others are on multitudes of other subjects covered in the Bible. Many are designed for a particular congregation at a particular point in time. Others are universal and timeless. Some, even though they are prophetic in theme, are universal and timeless in the concepts they convict us with.

I myself have been privileged to listen to many that have moved me in spirit. I wish I would of had the foresight to record many of them that were universal or timeless. I figure no time is too late to start collecting them and to share them as MP3’s/M4A’s on this website that I believe will truly move you (note–>Please give them time to load up):

‘The True Christian’ by Pastor David Wilkerson of Times Square NYC. In it, Pastor Wilkerson shares how he asked the Lord for an ongoing revelation of what grieves the Lord so he can share it in his preaching. Since he died in 2011, there is a void that needs to be filled. Lord, help us to step up to the plate!

The True Christian

‘Last Days Deception’ by Pastor David Wilkerson of Times Square NYC. He warns of a dangerous deception (He calls it ‘The Gospel of Accommodation’) that has invaded the church in America. I’ve included the PDF as it was delivered to the Assemblies of God at their Headquarters Chapel Service.

Last Days Deception

Gospel of Accommodation.PDF

‘A Call To Anguish’ and ‘It’s Time to Wake Up!’ by Pastor David Wilkerson of Times Square NYC. He calls all Christians to anguish over a dying world.

A Call To Anguish

It’s Time to Wake Up!

‘3 Signs of a True Revival’ by Ron Pearce. I wish I could of heard this when I first became a Christian 40 years ago. Humility, brokenness, and desparation is what it is truly all about!

3 Signs of a True Revival

‘Breaking The Curse’ by Pastor Joe Focht of Calvary Chapel Philadelphia. He lets us know that generational sin can not only be halted but completely turned around.

Breaking The Curse

‘Revival is Coming and What It Will Look Like’ Preached on 10/10/10 by Pastor Carter Conlon of Times Square NYC. He shares what the Holy Spirit has revealed to him. This Sermon affected me tremendously and has caused me to look at dead churches in a whole new light.

Revival is Coming and What It Will Look Like

‘Miracles And The Coming Revival’ Preached on February 13, 2011, Carter Conlon of Times Square Church reassures us that the Lord is calling His church back to a child like faith. He is looking for those who would come and say, “God take the little bit I have and use it for your glory.”

Miracles and the Coming Revival

‘The Windows Of Revival Are Opening’ The next three short sermons, all delivered by Carter Conlon of TSCNYC the three days before the January 20th, 2017 Inauguration while the church was fasting, focus on the windows of the coming revival in America being opened.

Day 1 Rediscovering Our Identity

Day 2 Fast For Our Nation

Day 3 Fast For Our Nation

‘Pursue Love’ by Pastor David Jeremiah. He calls all Christians to pursue love because it is a command, not a feeling.

Pursue Love

‘Groanings of the Holy Spirit’ Preached on 12/29/19 by Pastor Carter Conlon of TSCNYC. This is an excerpt from that sermon where he weaves in Romans 8:22-32, Ezekiel 22:27-32, Jeremiah 29:11-13. The reason for this excerpt is that it centers on his testimony of how he was healed of ‘hell on earth’ panic attacks. Please share with anyone you know who suffers them.

Groanings of the Holy Spirit Except

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