PDF’s are to your liking! Since my life has been challenged and blessed by Smith Wigglesworth’s writings, I am sharing his devotional in monthly sections for easier reading and as an entire PDF file of all 12 months. I have also included some of Wigglesworth’s Quotes and Other Quotes in PDF’s.

January Devotional Wigglesworth.PDF

February Devotional Wigglesworth.PDF

March Devotional Wigglesworth.PDF

April Devotional Wigglesworth.PDF

May Devotional Wigglesworth.PDF

June Devotional Wigglesworth.PDF

July Devotional Wigglesworth.PDF

August Devotional Wigglesworth.PDF

September Devotional Wigglesworth.PDF

October Devotional Wigglesworth.PDF

November Devotional Wigglesworth.PDF

December Devotional Wigglesworth.PDF

Entire Wigglesworth Devotional.PDF

Wigglesworth’s Ministry in a Nutshell.PDF

Wigglesworth Quotes.PDF

Other Quotes.PDF

42 Responses to Devotional

  1. Jose Hontiveros says:

    Like everyone else I do read Rev Wigglesworth devotional for its timeless HOLY SPIRIT filled insight into GOD’s heart. GOD Bless you for making it available. GOD Bless your ministry.

  2. Rediet says:

    Thank you so much I really am blessed this necessary for Day to day spiritual life

  3. Nivia Reed says:

    I read this every day! I get upset when I don’t have my book with me so this is a God send!!

  4. Agnes says:

    Just wanted to let you know that this is such a blessing. My mom is 95 and her eyesight is failing. I can enlarge your PDF so that she can read her beloved Smith Wigglesworth! Thanks!!

  5. Want Smith Wigglesworth devotional online to my email

  6. Ron Oortwijn says:

    Hi, I am blessed by your website. I saw the Wigglesworth Devotional online. At this moment I am implementing this Devotional into the best Bible-app for Android (MySword). The months September until December is finished now.

  7. Albert says:

    He is my icon

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much, these are truly uplifting, inspired and necessary for our day.
    Blessings, Nicole

  9. Lena says:

    Thank you for this devotional from Smith Wigglesworth’s sermons. This devotional is truly a blessing and probably the only one I would recommend to others. Often while I am reading them, I’ll come across some profound, enlightening passages/statements which I want to share with others. I tried to copy them in order to share them on FB. However, I am unable to do so directly from the PDF. Is there any other way I can copy and share?

  10. Barry Odell says:

    Good just plain good thank you Christ Jesus and annointing for making it digital

  11. Jan Thomlison says:

    I have been reading this for 7 years…very life changing. ..thank you

  12. Dana Moore says:

    Great reference

  13. Scott Welch says:

    God meets all our needs, God will get the glory, He will open up doors for us. Praise Him everyday for His great work He is doing in your ministry and in your life. Thank God for the right contacts and God’s favor that is seeking us out in Jesus name! Amen and Amen. Pray this to the Lord! Lord of the heavens, connect me with men and women who can loosen another dimension of faith, a new revelation, so I can become like Peter, blessing the people, praying for the sick and tending to people who need a touch of Your supernatural power for Your glory. Amen and Amen.

  14. Karen says:

    Thanks for this….I have his devotional, but this is great! I can take it wherever I go. I don’t always have the book with me.

  15. Anonymous says:

    This is such a wonderful website Thankyou
    P.S. I think “Anointing” only has one n.

    • annointing says:

      Anonymous, thank you so much for your positive feedback. Also about the extra ‘n’ in ‘Annointing’……I had no choice because the correct spelling was already taken.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I was a college pastor on a secular university in Oklahoma almost 10 years ago. I have given out the Smith Wigglesworth Devotional to many students that were hungry for a deeper relationship with the Lord. The life of Smith was something that has captured me from a young age. What a great resource in this website. Love it!

  17. EMMANUEL ZOE says:

    Thank you for making this available online thank you very much and God bless you in JESUS NAME say a big Amen AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Barbara says:

    Love his way of leading people to Christ. He was my inspiration even when I was new to the word of God

  19. William i lowe says:

    Like wow

  20. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for making Smith Wiggelsworth Devotion available online

  21. Sarah says:

    Thank you.

  22. Samuel says:

    To know God more.

  23. Sphiwe says:

    thank u so much for this post it helps me so much. much love.

  24. George Brown says:

    This has changed my life

  25. holen1 says:

    Thank you so much for adding the Smith Wigglesworth Devotional to your blogsite. I have read many devotionals in my life, but this one is definitely the best! I’ve been reading two other ones this year, but my wife has been reading this one. She keeps telling me “you’ve got to read Smith today. I then do and I love how it speaks and challenges me to follow the Lord more closely.

  26. Leonard says:

    Its funny how the devil has made us think
    so much about the past things. he always
    wants as to believe that God worked through
    people like Bro. wigglesworth or wesley and
    He cant be the same today. When Hebrew
    13:8 says Jesus is the same yesterday, today
    and forever! He still heals, fills with the
    Holyghost and still requires holiness.
    Actually the devil wants us to warm on a
    painted fire when there there is a real Fire.
    Its like assuming a motorcycle becomes a
    car when its placed on a car garage or
    washing a pig, giving it sheep feed and
    calling it a sheep. It will never be for sure!
    We preach joining church instead of real
    confession, repentance and baptism of the
    God still has a non denominational ministry
    where the Holyghost is the leadership. And
    where God is ever is not history, raising the
    dead, healing the sick and the blind see. Not
    a historical God that never does what He
    did and promised.
    God have mercy on this generation that’s in
    a sodom condition. Time is over, sin is
    maturing everywhere. Let’s get back to the
    first faith, Acts 2:38 and pray for

    • annointing says:

      Leonard, Amen to what you wrote about our Lord being not only the God of yesterday, but of today! Just like the pile of stones the Israelites placed as a memorial (Joshua 4:1-7), we are to only look at the past as, “The Lord did it then, and He is just as capable of doing it in the here and now!”

  27. Thank you for putting this online!

  28. P says:

    Thank you for this….I was wanting to read Wigglesworth, but my copies of his books are in storage. I am very thankful I found this 🙂 God bless 🙂

    • annointing says:

      If you go to the top of my site and click on ‘Toolbox’, you will find three other Wigglesworth books. Also, if you go to the top of my site and click on ‘Devotional’, you will not only find the Wigglesworth Devotional, but you will find many of his quotes.

  29. Joshua urvhbg says:

    MAN… U hav done one of the GREATEST THING any child of GOD could do in our times by putting thus smith wigglesworth PDF online….

  30. Thank you for sharing. I have a paperback copy I read from over ten years ago, as well as an original copy of EVER INCREASING FAITH printed in 1924, which is the book the devotional was taken from. I picked up the devotional the other day and wanted to share so I googled the title and your site popped up. Blessings in Him!

  31. Thank You Brother ! for sharing these wonderful words of ” Spirit and Life ”
    God Bless Your Faith .

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