I have gleaned the following resources (mostly in PDF format) into what I call my “Toolbox” in order to help understand the Bible and the world we live in better

1st and 2nd Resurrections

100 Names of Jesus

606 References to Jesus

20 Truths About God

Alcohol and Wine


Anxiety vs Depression

Arminianism vs Calvinism

Attributes of God

Authority Within Human Society

Baptism in the Holy Spirit Full Study

Baptism of Jesus

Baptism with the Holy Spirit

Battlefield of the Mind

Believe But Not Saved

Between Jesus Death and Resurrection

Beyond Salvation

Bible ESV Reliability

Bible KJV

Bible NKJV

Bible Promises

Bible Promises Explained

Bible Schedule

Bible Versions

Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit

Bless Israel

Body Soul and Spirit

Book Of Life Erasing

Book Surprised By Joy by C S Lewis

Book Of Remembrance

Busy Minds That Never Rest

Christophanies Explained

Christophanies Full List

Chronology of the New Testament

Communion or Breaking of Bread

Conviction vs Condemnation

Coronavirus and Christ

Counseling Biblically

Crucifixtion 7 Last Statements

Death Then What

Demons and Psychics and Fotune Tellers

Demons and Reading Our Minds

Destinies For Eternity

Devotional Jesus Calling

Devotional Morning and Evening

Devotional My Utmost For His Highest

Devotional Smith Wigglesworth

Devotional Streams In The Desert

Eleven Signs Of The Fall Of America

End Times Timeline

Examine Yourself

Fall of Lucifer


Feasts and NT Fulfillment

Forgiveness In Its Fullness

Forgiveness versus Reconciliation

Fortune Tellers

Foundations of the Faith

Four Spiritual Laws

Fruit of the Spirit Overview

Genealogy of Jesus

Gifts of the Holy Spirit Overview

God’s Judgment, Wrath and Day of Wrath

God’s Light and Darkness

Gospel and the Unreached

Gospel Definition

Greek Texts of the New Testament

Halley’s Bible Handbook

Halloween and Christians

Heaven Is A True Believers Home

Hebrews 6 Verses 4-6

Hebrews 6 Verses 4-6 Dissected

Hell As Taught In NT Greek

Holy Spirit and His Gifts

Holy Spirit Power

How to have an hour of prayer

I Never Knew You

Islam Agenda

Islam in a Nutshell

Israel and End Times

Jacob Wrestles With God

Jehu, God’s Instrument

Job Book Study

Judgment Everyone Must Face

Judicial vs Relational Forgiveness

Kingdom of God

Kingdom of the Cults

Laodicean Lie

Last Trumpet

Latter Days in a Nutshell

Letters to the Church Book Excerpts

Litany of Names of Jesus

Lordship Salvation Debate

Losing Salvation

Love Types

Lucifer Satan the Devil demons and devils

Luke 16 1-13 Unjust Steward

Manifesto of a Bible Study

Map of Jesus Time

Map of Twelve Tribes

Meeting with God Booklet


Millennial Kingdom

Millennium Purpose

Millennial Kingdom Occupants

Millennial Kingdom Sacrifices

Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Miracles of Jesus


Names of Jesus

Nations and God’s Providence


Nicene Creed

Nicodemus and Being Born Again

Now That You Have Received Christ

Oppression vs Affliction


OT Quotations in NT

OT References in Revelation

OT References of Revelation

Pagan Christianity

Parallel Harmony of the Gospels

Pauline Epistles

Paul’s Final Words 2nd Timothy

Paul’s Journeys

Pentecostal No Longer Rebuttal



Preincarnate Christ

PreTribulation Rapture Proof

Prophecies Jesus Fulfilled

Prophetic Interpretation

Questions To Dicipher Beliefs

Rapture Examples

Rapture vs Second Coming

Red Letter Christians

Religious Leaders of NT (4 Views)

Repentance Is Necessary

Revelation 12

Revelation Comparison of 7 Churches

Revelation Guide

Rhema vs Logos a Pastor’s Perspective

Rhema vs Logos a Scholar’s Perspective

Roman Road

Rulers and Authority

Rulers That Are Wicked

Russia and End Times Prophecy

Salvation Definition

Salvation Doctrine Comparison

Salvation Terminology


Satan’s Access to Heaven

Satan and Your Mind

Satan Fell Like Lightning

Second Death

Shocking Youth Message

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

Sin Unto Death

Sin Unto Death Explained

Ten Virgins Parable

Tithing and The Church

Titles To Worship Jesus By

Tree of Life

Trinity Doctrine in the OT

Trinity Doctrine in the NT

True Believers are Holy Righteous Overcomers

Ultimate Favor Booklet

USA and End Times Propecy

What About Alcohol?

What About Prayer Meetings?

What About the Sinner’s Prayer?

Wigglesworth Ever Increasing Faith

Wigglesworth Faith That Prevails

Wigglesworth Prayer Power and Miracles

Will of God

Word of God is Both Jesus and the Bible

3 Responses to Toolbox

  1. Angel says:

    Hello Annointing,
    Searching to differentiate between logos and rhema I came across your website. So far I can relate to a lot of what you have posted. For one I had a similar conversion experience when the weight of sin was lifted from my shoulders. I also deduced from your testimony that you are probably my age, born in 1957 I just turned 60. From the discussion on rhema and logos, I have come to prefer logos as “the message” and rhema as “a communication” to keep it simple. I once tried to verify the better translation of rhema or logos in Romans 10:17 and came up empty since there is scholarly argument for either and both claim evidence in ancient manuscripts. Some claim the better rendition is logos and others rhema. Consequently we have both renditions:
    New King James Version (logos)
    “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”
    New International Version (rhema)
    “Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.”
    Also, the use of Christ as opposed to God are in debate.
    [You will note that my preference above is counter intuitive to the renditions mentioned.] Nonetheless, the message of Christ ultimately is what the Word of God communicates from beginning to end. Jesus is the Message, He is the Word of God in the flesh.
    What say you?

    Be blessed.

    • annointing says:

      Hi Angel. Yes you are correct on my year of birth. You ask what I have to say. I will go to the bottom line of a problem I see today with Logos, Rhema, and Christians today. Christians today forget that the written Word, the Bible, is the final say. Too many put a personal word they claim 100% is from the Holy Spirit even if it does not align with the Bible. A personal revelation must always 100% be confirmed by the written Word.

  2. Egbert says:

    I want to reply to your article about rhema vs logos. Excellent reasoning. And b.t.w. there is just as with Greek, an Aramaic Bible in the Middle-East, called the Peshitta.
    This Bible uses just one word, which is ‘melta’. Also that confirms, that the writers of the Greek NT, did not intentionally use two different words, but synonimously.

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