I added this page to my website because of the urgency placed upon me from the Holy Spirit. There is a two prong onslaught against the Church of Jesus Christ, especially here in the United States. First, there is a great falling away from the true Church. Second, there is an invasion into many of the Churches that remain. Years ago you would only catch glimpses of this invasion. But now it seems no matter which way I turn I see it raising its ugly head. Christians are no longer satisfied with the pure Word of God and rightly dividing it. To back up what I have to warn about, there are countless articles and videos. But to list all of them would be overwhelming and would drown the message.

I have already written the following articles on this website which touch upon this invasion into the Church:

Thrill Seeker or Jesus Seeker

Circus Christianity

Strange Fire


The following videos are enough to get an overview of this dangerous invasion:

What is the Kundalini Spirit?

What is Kundalini and is it in the Church?

Kundalini Spirit and Benny Hinn/Kenneth Copeland

Weird Manifestations (David Wilkerson)

After listening to the powerful warning above by David Wilkerson, I hope that you feel the same urgency that I feel. Keep in mind that David Wilkerson gave this message many years ago.