As the Pendulum Swings

Never finding a happy medium seems to be par for our course. Our country saw times of extreme employee abuse swing over to a time of labor union corruption. Our government has gone from a time of being ruled by England to a time of our public servants becoming corrupt politicians. Even our Christian churches have gone from a time of man made holiness to a time of anything goes. I personally may not be able to do much about our labor or government problems, but I can make a difference in my church and my small world.

I can and must be a man of integrity that speaks out and acts when wisdom allows. No, it is not OK to party Saturday night, then pray for revival Sunday morning. No, it is not OK to view pornography in my secret confines, then speak out against homosexuality in public. No, it is not OK for me to commit adultery, then protest against abortion. No, it is not OK for me to talk abusively to my family, then speak to others in a civil manner as I conduct business. No, it is not OK for me to run someone off the road, then stop at the Post Office and mail my check for a child I support in a Third world nation. No, it is not OK to divorce my spouse because of irreconcilable differences, then be on the church board. No, it is not OK to engage in crude conversation at work, then lead a weekly prayer meeting. No, it is not OK for me to watch a movie involving sorcery like Harry Potter, then counsel someone who has spiritual battles or addictions. No, it is not OK for me to listen to music or watch shows that are immoral, then sing in the church choir. You get the idea. The good that I do does not erase the bad. I must not be a hypocrite.

We wonder why the church in America today lacks power. Satan is not as much to blame as we are. The early church had a head-on attack by Satan, but thrived with Holy Ghost power. God is not looking for a people who have a list of do’s and don’ts. He is looking for a people who grieve over sin as He does. Can God speak about you the way He did about Job in Job 1:8?

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