Bibles By The Millions


I work for a company that produces over a million bibles a week that are then shipped all over the world. Because of the complicated processes to produce the bibles, some are damaged and go into the waste. At first this really bothered me, but then I had to step back and take a realistic look. I realized that the bible is just like any other book unless it is taken and allowed to be the Word of God to rule the life of the one reading it. Then it becomes the most precious book ever written in the world.

What the shame of it is that only a small percentage of the bibles that go out our doors will truly have their purpose fulfilled. Even though many will be placed into the hands of people throughout the world, most will only be set it in a corner somewhere to gather dust and the recipient will never embrace it and allow it to transform their life.

In the United States we have an extreme draught going on when it comes to the bible. Even though there are enough copies to place several into the hands of every individual in this land, the overwhelming majority never really eat and drink of it. What is even worse is that of the ones that do read it, many of those twist it to their own devices. This includes the leadership of major denominations. I just read on June 19, 2014, that our nation’s largest Presbyterian denomination has embraced same-sex marriage.

We need as a nation to get back to loving the Bible as the very Word of God and living our lives accordingly to what is said, not what we want it to say. May God help our nation get back on the right track. Instead of just producing bibles by the millions, we need to have people adhering to it by the millions as the very Word of God that can breathe life back into us.

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